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Month: August, 2014

Going YESSS, YAMAN with my 4 Pre-Loved Items!!

As I browsed my timeline on Facebook, I came to see my sister’s fanpage / Facebook Page Wild-Spirit. I saw this promotion going on between Nuffnang and OLX.ph (Sulit). So I immediately read everything so I can join and participate.

To join, visit bit.ly/YESSSYAMAN and read all about it.

Here are the items I am selling Click here to view image

1. Easy Call Pager found it in rummage, and when I inserted a battery, it worked. This item runs around PhP 1,500.00 as a collector’s item.

2. 1970’s Pontiac Grand Prix a car my lolo is selling. It is on an AS-IS Condition. Stripped Interior. Not registered. Toyota 1JZ Twin Turbo Engine with Automatic Transmission. Priced at PhP 150,000.00 but negotiable upon viewing the unit.

3. Logitech Bluetooth Earpiece. It can connect up to 2 Bluetooth Devices Simultaneously. Works Fine. Battery lasts for a day of talk time. But can last a week for standby time.

4.  1966 Fiat 850 Sport. I believe there is only a pair of this in the Philippines. It is registered. It runs smoothly. It runs on its original Engine. Canvass Top Convertible. Its a head turner. Color is Red. Needs a new owner. Asking Price is PhP 800,000.00 It comes with the Original Owners Manual, Parts Catalog and Ordering Information.

But out of all these 4 Items, I really look forward to selling the 1966 Fiat 850 Sport. As this is in Mint Condition. Only a pair of this in the Philippines. Click here to view image

#yesyaman #olxph






It was in Christmas of 2013 when I realized that Michael, my biological moms’ “soulmate”, “partner”, “boyfriend”, was no longer joining us in the usual gatherings with the family. Then came my mom’s birthday in February of 2014, he was not feeling well and had to stay home. My mom would tell me that Michael doesn’t eat because everything he would intake would either give him LBM or vomit it out. My mom would even try to cook herbal, organic, or something that Michael would eat but after one mouthful, he would just vomit or have bowel movements. My mom felt depressed and down.

Last Mother’s Day, I came to surprise my mom. I drove to Makati to visit her at home. But unfortunately she was not home. I was told that she went to the Salcedo Market, when I went to the venue it was empty and was told by the metro-aide that it was in Legaspi Market. I went there and saw her about to leave and surprised her. There she was standing by her car, she looked old, haggard and stressed. 

We had our short talks while I was double parked on the street occupying a lane causing traffic on a sunday having only one lane passable for other motorists, hence it was Mother’s Day and there was no parking and I wanted to chat with my mother. Before I left she asked me a favor, to pray for Michael to get well because its been a long time already and he doesnt want to have a medical check up due to his belief with western medicine.

I dont go to church or pray, so I called a friend who is a priest. I told him about Michael and asked for his prayers to pray over Michael in all his masses. He asked me for his name and I told him its Michael Cruz.

I thought it ended there.


Came August 2, 2014. It was my 27th birthday. I chose to celebrate it with my mother side of the family, to spend it with my mom. I had lunch there and we had some chit-chats. I saw Michael after a very long time. He was like his usual. A jolly kind of person who would make me laugh and smile with his stories. I realized that he would eat and started to eat all those organic food that was placed on the buffet table. There were Organic Crackers, Organic Oats, Bran Cereals, and also Organic Peanut Butter, etc. 

My mom started to share then wept with tears of joy. What a miracle she experienced. On that day she told me to pray for Michael, she was buying food for Michael to see what he would take and eat and maybe he would feel better. She shared that Michael was already deteriorating and dying. he was weak and thin. He weighed almost around 90-100 pounds. He was slow and was suffering. Everytime they would sleep, they would say their goodbyes because they were preparing themselves for the worse. They prayed to God and asked. My mom prayed to her higher power and asked for guidance and make it less painful for her if Michael would die. Michael in the other hand together with my mom prayed and said “Lord, I am suffering already and I am in pain. If you want to take me, please take me but I still  want to spend another life with Gina, I want to read more books, I want to travel and live a happier life. But if this is not what you want from me, please take me” (something like this, not exactly the words but somehow similar). 

After that, they slept and have rested. The following morning, Michael felt something like a blessing. He suddenly felt hungry and he asked my mom for food, he ate and ate and felt better. He was able to digest the food he ate and it came out solid. 

Since then, they kept a healthy lifestyle. They would eat Organic Food, boiled and steamed fish, vegetables and fruits. They even sleep early now a days like (old people do) and always pray to God thanking HIM for another life he gave Michael.

I truly believe in Miracles. Even you dont practice the faith in God by going to church to hear msses, I know that even a bit of prayer, it will be answered. 

To Michael, I am so happy to see you back up and moving. Remember the target. Its not 140, 145, 150 pounds. We agreed to 155 ponds. Dont worry as I target below 190 pounds.


ASUS ZenFone 5


– Intel Atom Z2560 1.6ghz (2 Cores/4 Threads)

– PowerVR SGX 544MP2

-Android Jellybean 4.3 (upgradeable to Android KitKat 4.4)

– 5″ IPS HD Capacitive Screen


– 8GB Internal Memory (4GB Usable Memory)

– supports up to 64gb MicroSD External Memory

– 8MP Rear Camera with LED Flash / 2MP Front Camera

– 2110mAh Lithium-Ion Battery (non-removable)

– SRP: PhP 6,495.00



– large screen with very clear resolution

– intel powered processor

– hefty 2gb ram

– corning gorilla glass 3 (scratch proof)

– superb 8MP rear camera with special features of a digital camera

– ecstatic 2MP front camera for selfies and group pictures

– supports up to 64gb microsd card

best in its class and price @ PhP 6,495.00



 non removable battery

– apps cannot be installed on external microsd card

– battery life

– weak speakers



As I saw this Zen Fone 5 (ZF5), I was amazed of the specifications having an Intel Atom Processor rather than having those SnapDragon, Qualcomm, MediaTek, etc. as well as having ahefty 2GB RAM to go alongside with the Intel Processor. The screen is bigger than my previous handset, a Gionee ELife E3 which has 4.7″ IPS HD Screen. This ZF5 has a 5″ IPS HD Screen. There is the famous Corning Gorilla Glass 3, this is a protective glass lens for the screen as it is scratch proof, no need to buy screen protectors to prevent unwanted scratches on the screen. But I still installed a screen protector just to make sure. The camera features is superb, I definitely enjoyed and I am very much happy and satisfied with the results. The downside of this phone is the battery life, the 2150mAh battery is not enough for a day of calls, text, internet, entertainment use. It is best to always carry a power bank handy. This phone doesnt support transfer of applications/games to the external microsd drive. For some reason you will have to deal with the usable capacity of the internal drive of 4gb. This phone is not bad and is worth the price at PhP 6,495.00.


For Avid Advanced Android User like me, as soon as I get my handset I automatically research on “rooting” (jailbreak) my android phone. Mainly because I don’t like the bloatwares installed on the phone. This help my phone top run faster and smoother. After I applied the root access on my phone, I installed Folder Mount which is available in the Google Playstore. This app will allow users to transfer apps/games from the internal memory to the external memory. By this, we just removed restirctions of Asus. 🙂


Now, I installed Titanium Backup Pro and cracked it for Full Version using Lucky Patcher. I opened Titanium Backup Pro and chose which bloatwares and applications are to be disabled and/or froze.




TITANIUM BACK UP PRO: (bloatwares which I disabled/freeze)

Amazon Kindle

– Android Live Wallpaper

– ASUS Demo

– ASUS Keyboard

– ASUS Miracast

– ASUS Services

– Basic Daydreams Theme

– Blackhole Theme

– Browser (ASUS Browser)

– Bubbles Theme

– Do It Later

– Drive (Google Drive)

– GMail

– Google Keyboard

– Google Play Bloatwares (Books, Games, Movies & TV, Music, News Stand)

– Google Search

– Google Plus

– Google Hangouts

– Party Link

– PC Link

– Remote Link

– Share Link

– Talk Back


Applications you might consider using:


– Clean Master (to clean junk files and clear memory)

– Greenify (automatically hibernates applications not used, wakes up when needed such as Facebook, Messenger, Viber, etc)

– Psiphon (virtual private network proxy server – free internet [ROOT REQUIRED])